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Invincible is a full feature Social Networking technology company. We will update our Terms of Use periodically to address the ever changing and evolving landscape of issues, concerns and laws in our communities worldwide. Invincible is a Premium Technology Company that builds and provides technologies and services that allows people around the Globe to connect with one another, that allows them to be able to grow their businesses and build better communities free of charge. To provide our services free of charge to you, organizations and businesses pay us to show advertisements of their products and services. By using our products and services, you agree that we can show ads with relevance to you and interests you have. Our collection and use of your data is ephemeral in nature in order to achieve this goal. We pledge never to sell your personal data or allow access to your personal identifiers like: name, email address, location nor any other similar information to our advertisers unless there is a prior authorization for such. Advertisers are able to see how their ads are performing, this allows them to better understand how their audience is interacting with their content. Pre-authorized permissions: All your Copyright and Trademark products you share on our platform still belongs to you, so nothing here in our Terms of Use takes that away from you. By using our products and services you hereby grant us legal permissions commonly known as a 'license' to use them and your contents, by these acts of yours you grant us 'a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free and global license to host, use, modify, distribute, run, copy, perform it in the public or to display it, translate it, create works derived from your content' that are consistent with how you may have set up your privacy with us, this permission ends when you delete your content or delete your account with us. You hereby give us permission to utilize your name, profile display picture and other actions on our platform to run ads without compensating you in any form. You permit us to continually update our software that you are using and do download. We retain all our copyright, Trademarks and content that we allow you to use and that you agree that they belong to us and not nor never will be yours. You are not in anyway permitted to use our source code, neither are you permitted to decompile nor modify our source code. Your experience on Invincible is unique. As you, your family and new friends interact here you will feel a sense of absolute joy and freedom to express yourself in a way that is not found in any other platform. We are truly community oriented. You have the true freedom to post, share all that your heart desires like pics, stories, events, and sell or buy on our Market Place. You will enjoy seeing the most relevant ads, you will enjoy being here. We create technologies that help tackle dishonest, harmful content that allows you to feel safe in our communities. We take actions that will disable and remove unsafe or harmful content. We readily would contact appropriate law enforcement agencies who will take the required legal actions to address any given situation. We are committed to on-going research to better understand how our product is used and via same better it for a better experience on our platform. As we add new new features we will update these Terms of Use.